When rain falls on roofs and roads it runs right off, picking up dirt, chemicals and trash.

That dirty runoff flows into city storm drains. It's headed straight for our rivers and lakes — unless you stop it!

Don't let the rain become RUNOFF.

Runoff - Da Capo Publishing, Inc.

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1. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to move rain barrel left and right to catch the drops.

2. Move to the sides to empty your barrel in your rain gardens. They filter the water before it travels to rivers and lakes.

Bonuses: Empty a full barrel!

Penalties: Don't miss a drop — you'll lose your bonus points. Don't let drops fall into the drain! And avoid the cats — they'll block your barrel. Don't worry, they'll land on their feet.

About Runoff

This video game was conceived and created in Burlington, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain. Every year, thousands of gallons of stormwater runoff surge into the lake. This warms and pollutes the water, and hurts native plants and animals.

Runoff the game demonstrates how rain barrels and rain gardens stop stormwater runoff and filter it before it reaches the lake.

And playing the game will actually help improve Lake Champlain's water quality — Runoff is free to play, but for each of the first 1000 games played, Seven Days, Vermont's independent newsweekly, and Kids VT, the state's parenting publication, will donate a quarter to the Let It Rain stormwater program. Let It Rain provides financial incentives to property owners in Vermont's Lake Champlain basin, helping them to install rain barrels and implement other stormwater-reduction strategies.

Want to install one on your property? Find out how to apply for funds — and learn about Let It Rain's "Connecting the Drops" 2013 art exhibit — at


Stop by the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center during the summer of 2013 to play Runoff on a refurbished arcade cabinet provided and outfitted by the talented folks at: